Monday, October 4, 2010

What is Konad?

   I just wanna do this post for anyone who doesn't know what Konad is cause I do a lot of Konad designs. It's a nail art kit used to put designs on your nails with the use of a stamp and pre-designed image plates. I'm not a distributor but there are a few websites to purchase Konad from so I suggest just googleing it. The basics you need to perform a Konadicure (Konad manicure) are a stamp, an image plate & Konad special polish. You will also need something you can use to scrape access polish off your image plate with. You can either purchase one of their scrapers or just use an old library card or something like that (make sure it's something you don't mind getting nail polish all over).

    Here are the basic steps on how to Konad: Choose a design from the image plate that you'd like to use. (There are several plates to choose from that consist of all types of images & designs; each individual plate has a few different designs inscribed in it). Apply some Konad special polish onto the image plate over the design you choose to use. Scrape the access polish off with your scraper. Now take your stamper and roll it over the design, the image should transfer to the stamp. Then take the stamp and roll it over your nail in the spot where you would like for the image to be. Poof! Now the image should be on you nail! Sounds simple enough, right!? Well...maybe not always, lol, my first time didn't go that well so if you're new to Konad & having trouble, don't worry, there are some tips & tricks that will help. Check out  "Helpful Tips for Konad".
    Btw, the Konad special polish is polish that is specially formulated to work with the image plates, it's thicker than normal nail polish. You're not suppose to paint your nails with the special polish cause it won't dry, it's only to be used with the image plates. You can also try Konading with regular nail polish, some work, some don't, you just gotta experiment. I will try to post a list of some regular nail polishes that are known to work with Konad. Ok, well that about wraps it up for now! Take care! : )

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