Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Helpful Tips & Tricks for Konad

Here's a list of some helpful tips & tricks for Konading:

* Konading can be a little messy, so cover your work area with some paper towels or something, I use an old game board to protect my work surface
* You should paint a clear top coat over your base coat before applying Konad so that if you make a mistake it will be easier to fix without messing up your base coat
* Wipe image plate & stamp with acetone nail polish remover after each use. You should also occasionally wipe off your scraper because the polish builds on it which makes it hard to properly scrape
* Work quickly! Otherwise, the image may not transfer properly due to the polish drying
* Use a "rolling" motion when using the stamp to pick up the design from the image plate & also when stamping the design onto your nail
* If you make a mistake, quickly dab a q-tip in nail polish remover & remove the mistake
* If you have trouble getting the image to transfer from the image plate to the stamp, try lightly buffing the stamp surface with a nail file, this should do the trick! The first time I tried Konad I was so frustrated because I did not know this & had the hardest time getting the image to adhere to the stamp, after I lightly filed my stamp it worked just fine
* When you are finished Konading apply a top coat. You should let the design dry first. Apply the top coat quickly & try not to go over the image more than twice as you don't want the design to smear. Konad makes a special top coat designed to use with Konading, but in my experience there are some regular top coats that work just as well


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I'm forever trying out different top coats. I feel like most work with Konad as long as you apply it correctly & wait for your design to dry first. I tried quite a few of Sally Hansen's top coats, I like Hard As Wraps & Instant Strength. I can't believe I still haven't tried Seche Vite yet cause I've heard lots of great things about it & you recommended it aswell! I gotta get it & when I do I will be sure to let you know what I think!