Thursday, October 14, 2010

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I really like how this mani came out. I absolutely love this pattern! As for the colors, I used konad white special polish over a dark glittery purple basecoat, but they came out looking more like black & white. It all depends on how the light hits them.

M63 - Konad White Special Polish & Wn'W Night Prowl

In this second pic, I took the same manicure & decided to experiment a bit with this new iridescent shade I bought, Sinful Color's You Just Wait. As you can see, it gives off a sheer yellow iridescent shine & depending on how the light hits it, it could sometimes even look greenish. In the bottle, the shade looks more like a sheer shimmery baby pink with yellow pearl-like shine, but on the nails the yellow was much more apparent than pink. Overall though, it gave a nice effect, which one do you like better?

Same as above with Sinful Colors You Just Wait


my leetle nails said...

really beautiful

Deriniti said...

thank you! : )

Lizzette said...

Wow that's hot how the green has a glowy effect! I love it!!!

Lizzette said...

Sorry I guess that's yellow but it comes off greenish lol, nevertheless it looks amazing!

Deriniti said...

thanx chica!

Alice in Nail Land said...

I'm a new follower; very beautiful manicure!
Let's visit my blog if you want :)