Sunday, November 28, 2010

Butterfly Pedicure Nail Art

Hey everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving! This is just a quick post to share with you one of my entries for the OC Nail Art International Pedicure Contest. Hope you like! They will be selecting 3 winners, I'll keep you posted on the results! Have a great week!
M65 & M78 - Milani Magenta Metal, Konad Special Black & Konad Special White
UPDATE 12/9/10: Hey guys, just wanted to let you I found out the results lastnight & I came in 2nd place! I'm so happy! This is only the 2nd contest I have ever entered & for both contests I came in 2nd place which I think is pretty good for just starting out. For this contest I won 5 konad plates of my choice! Perfect for an konaddict like me, lol. Yeyy! : )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Autumn Nail Art Design - "purple and gold nail art" "purple and gold nails" "purple and gold" "nail designs" "autumn nail art" "fall nail art" "leaves nail art" "nail designs with leaves"

Hey guys! Today I'm gonna share with you an autumn design I did featuring a nail stamp plate from Bundle Monster. For those who don't know, bundle monster plates are basically fauxnad Konad plates. They're actually a lot cheaper than Konad plates and work just the same. Some of the plates actually feature some of the same designs that Konad offers. It's a great way to build up your plate collection, especially when you're on a budget. Overall I am happy with these plates but I'd haf to say one of the main differences between the two are that the Bundle Monster full nail and french tip designs are smaller than Konad's. I wish they were bigger, but you can still get the job done. Also, the edges of the plates are a little sharp, so just be careful...Overall though, I think it's a good deal & I'm excited to explore these plates cause I haven't done many designs with these plates yet, but I intend to. Just thought I'd share that since this is my first post featuring a Bundle Monster Plate. Also, I ran low on my Konad Black Special Polish so for this mani I stamped with Rimmel London Black Satin which worked pretty good! I added the black dots with my dotting tool. I just have to say that this design looks a lot nicer in person than it does in the pics. Anyways, hope you likey! HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Gobble, gobble! : )
BM19 w/ Rimmel Black Satin; Wn'W Wild Card, Pure Ice Busted & Orly Luxe
God Bless!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My First Konad Pedi!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you my first Konad Pedicure! Normally I leave the nail art to my fingernails & paint my toes one solid color but a recent fall themed konad pedicure contest prompted me to do this design on my toes. I thought it was gonna be pretty easy to Konad my toes, but I actually found it harder than when I do my nails! Lol, idk, maybe I just gotta get used to it! I plan to start doing some more pedicure designs & I'll be sure to share them as I go along! Have a great weekend! : )

M57 & M78 - Wet n' Wild Shield,
 Konad White Special & Konad Black Special

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pink and White Zebra Print Konad Nail Art Stamping Design

Hey everyone! Time for another KOTD! I must admit I did not come up with the design idea for this. I've actually seen it quite a few times online from a couple different people. Not sure who originally came up with this but I absolutely LOVE IT and had to recreate it! I did this back in August, it's the design I rocked when I went to Florida. These pics were taken after I spent a few days on the beach, I think they held up pretty nicely. Oh how this makes me miss the beach, lol!  I can definately see me doing this design again, maybe I'll experiment with some different colors next time. Isn't it cute!?

M57 - Sinful Colors Pink Forever, Wn'W French White Creme, Kiss Nail Art Paint in Silver, Konad Black SP
Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Hot Nail Art Design

Hey everyone! Hope all is well & welcome to my new followers! At first I wasn't sure which of my designs I was gonna choose for my next post, but now I find it to be most appropriate that it be this "Red Hot" design because I recently entered it in Simply Rin's "Color It Red" Nail Art Contest & I just found out lastnight that I am one of the 5 finalists!!! I'm super excited about this! This is the first nail art contest I have ever entered so it really means alot to me! It would be awesome to win, but even if I don't I am still sooo happy I made it to the Top 5! I thank all who voted for me along with Simply Rins for such an awesome contest! Voting is now over & it's all up to Rin's judges to choose the winner but if you'd like to see the rest of the finalists, click here. (btw, sooo bummed I broke my right ring fingernail shortly before I did this NOTD, waaah, I like for all my nails to be the same length, but I couldn't bring myself to cut all the others short, lol, guess it's the price I pay for going au naturel).

M53 - Konad White SP, Wn'W Red Red & Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black
UPDATE: Didn't win. According to the judges scoring, I came in second place. Ugh, soo close! Lol, oh well, thank u all for your support, it means alot!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


  Hey everyone! Have you heard of Barry M. Instant Nail Effects Polish? It's new, from Barry M. Cosmetics. The company is based out of the UK so I'm not sure where or even if it's available anywhere else. I purchased mine off of ebay, straight from the UK. You can also get it from the Barry M. Cosmetics website. How it works is you apply any base color you like, let your nails dry, then apply the Instant Nail Effects polish & watch your unique design appear before your eyes! When you first apply the polish, it comes on like black polish, but then it quickly begins to break up & crack, creating a unique effect. I think it's pretty cool! And it's great for a day when you wanna quickly dress up your nails but don't have the time to manually do a design of your own!
  When using, you only apply one coat & do not overlap. Also, the size of the cracks depend alot on how thick you apply your coat. If you apply a thick coat, there won't be as many cracks & the cracks will be larger & chunkier. If you apply a thin coat, the cracks will be smaller. This was my first time trying out the polish & I wasn't very consistant with how thick I applied the coats. You can see the difference in the nails & how some of them have kind of a blocky effect & others have more of a cracked effect. I took some pics as I was doing my nails to capture the experience!
BSN Matte Sky & Purps Pop w/Barry M. Instant Nail Effects
My Overall Review: I think this product is actually pretty cool! It lives up to it's name in that it does exactly what it says it does = Instant Nail Effects! I like how you can watch the cracking effect take place right before your eyes & you don't have to wait long either, the process is rather quick! It gives off a nice matte black finish & dried quickly. I had no problem applying a top coat & I didn't experience any smudging or smearing. I even received a few compliments, one lady even asked where I got my nails done! I love when that happens, lol. Little do they know, this design required no more effort than applying a coat of polish!!! I'm excited to experiment with this product some more & will definately post my creations for you all to see! I really hope this product becomes available in the US though, because the UK conversion rate along with the international shipping costs make this product a little too steep for me, it cost me $13.78 for a 10ml bottle. A little more than I'd like to spend on polish, even if it does have effects, sorry, but I'm on a budget, lol.