Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Audrey Konad Nail Art Design

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts but still haven't got a new camera yet so I pulled this design from my nail archives! I've already posted some other kotd's featuring this pattern cause I really like it alot, plus at the time I did this I didn't own that many plates, lol. My collection has grown alot since then & hopefully I will be able to share my newer designs once this camera situation gets straightened out. I'm so indecisive, still not sure which camera to get! Ugh. Anyways, have a fantastic week! : )

M64 - China Glaze For Audrey, Konad White Special
*TIP ALERT: Designs like this are pretty simple for the most part because they are full nail patterns but you may find that you have to double stamp because the pattern doesn't always cover your entire nail & that doesn't always go over too well. Other times the pattern may not have transferred entirely to your nail leaving unsightly chunks missing. Well I frequently stamp with white or black special polish so I always keep on hand nail art polishes in both white & black (the polishes with the little striper brushes in them). That way if I miss a spot when stamping I can usually just fill it in with my nail art paint. Like for the design above, when parts of my pattern didn't transfer properly to my nail & I was left with gaps I was able to just take my nail art paint & draw in the lines that were missing & you can't tell the difference! I even took my dotting tool, dipped it in some white nail polish & added dots to the areas of my nail where the dots from the initial pattern didn't transfer over. So if you have trouble getting that perfect stamp & don't feel like doing the whole "remove the pattern from your nail with polish remover & try again" method then I suggest one of these quick fix methods if applicable! : )


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Bundle Monster Plate Set Review & Nail Art Design

Hey guys! So I received the new Bundle Monster plate set a couple weeks ago, I meant to post this sooner but as I've mentioned in previous posts, my digital camera broke so that has slowed things down for me. Hopefully I will get one soon & get back on track. Anyways, I got my new plate set which I had won in a Bundle Monster nail art contest & I really like them. I now own both the old set & the new set and it's great to see that Bundle Monster has made some improvements to their new plate set! Here are some of the new features:

* These plates have all new image patterns. 
* The plate edges are smoother, much less sharp than the old set.
* The plates still have a protective film that you must remove before your first use, but the film is blue so it's easy to see unlike the old set's transparant film. Also I found it easier to remove.
* The new plates now have a Bundle Monster backing.
* The plates consist mostly of full nail & french tip patterns.
* The full nail & french tip pattern images are larger than those from the older set.
* Like the older set, each plate has about 6 different images on it .
* The new set still maintains Bundle Monster's affordable value, it is a few dollars more than the old set but it includes more plates. The old set consists of 21 plates & goes for $17.99 (US) at the time of this posting. The new set consists of 25 plates & goes for $21.99 (US) at the time of this posting.

All in all, I am pleased with these plates. I am happy to see the improvements that Bundle Monster has made to them all while still maintaining an affordable value! If you would like to see the entire new plate set CLICK HERE!

This is my very first design with the new plates! I decided to stick to a Mother's Day theme! I had no problem transferring images; the patterns I used worked great! I hope you like my design! : )
BM209 & BM224 - Zoya Sweet (Base), Konad White Special & Konad Chocolate Special

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Daisies Nail Design - "flower nail art" "flower nails" "flowers" "nail art tutorial" "nail tutorial" "tutorial" "diy" "nail stamping" "bundle monster" "flower" "daisies" "daisy" "nail designs" "pretty nail art" "pretty nails" "mother's day nails" "mother's day nail art" "spring nail art" "spring nails" "purple and white nail art"

Hey guys, sorry for the lack in posts but my digital camera broke and I still haven't gotten a new one! I'm having trouble finding one I love as much as my last one so I haven't been able to capture my latest nail creations. I pulled this design from my archives or as I like to say my nail "art-chives", lol. I thought this flowery design would be a nice appropriate look to post in celebration of this upcoming Mother's Day! I used bundle monster plate BM16 & then I added some rhinestones & glitter polish. The glitter doesn't really pick up in the pictures but it's there, lol. Hope you like! ...Btw, if anyone has any good suggestions on digital cameras that work well with capturing detailed nail art, I would love to hear them! I think I'm gonna stick with Sony because that is what my last camera was but still haven't decided on a model yet & would love to get some feedback, thanks! God Bless! And sticking with the theme of this post let me just say Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom! Love Ya! : )

BM16 - Sinful Colors Dream On, Konad White Special, Wet N'Wild Hallucinate