Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New 2012 Bundle Monster Plate Set Review and Ombre Gradient Nail Design

Hey guys! So a couple weeks ago I received my prize from the 2012 Bundle Monster Nail Art Contest which was their new 2012 nail stamping plate set, yey! These plates feature brand new designs with a nice mix between full nail, individual & nail tip designs! There are 25 plates in the collection with about 6 designs per plate. At the current time of me writing this, they are being sold on Amazon for $21.99. I am pleased with the quality of the plates which are the same as their 2011 plate set, except this collection came in a little Bundle Monster package. The images are etched properly and so far I have had no troubles with any of the plates I have used. They have a lot of beautiful designs aswell! I was really happy to see that there's an "awareness" ribbon pattern in the set, because I really like doing designs that create awareness for different causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, etc., so that was a nice surprise! I had actually been looking for a plate that carried an awareness ribbon for quite some time and now I finally have one! ...Now the design below is the first design I did using this set. At first I was thinking of doing something intricate & I was trying to figure out which plates to try first, but the gradient pattern really stuck out to me. Ombre nails have been sooo popular lately & I was just so curious to see how their gradient pattern would look because I've never seen that on a nail stamping plate before. Plus, my nails were already painted a light purple shade so I figured it's a good time to break out my rarely used Konad Violet Pearl polish & sponge STAMP on some gradient! I think I likey, lol! I added a video tutorial along with this, so you can see me using these plates in action!!! What do you guys think?
BM301 - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac, Konad Violet Pearl Special Polish

2012 Bundle Monster Plate Set

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet and Simple Bundle Monster Nail Design

Hey guys! This is just a quick post to show you this design I did using Bundle Monster plate 203. First I painted on my base colors (applying color to the entire nail), alternating between pink & gray. Then on my gray nails, I side swiped my pink polish unto just the corner tips (applying at a diagonal angle) & for the pink nails I side swiped on my gray polish. Then I stamped on my design to the tips of my nails, going over the area where I applied the alternate polish colors. Then I took my silver glitter nail art paint & painted on a stripe to divide the pattern from the base nail color. That's an optional step but I think it helps to clean up the look & also adds a nice sparkle to it. I really love this color combo! Hope you like! : )

BM 203 - Zoya Sweet, NYC Sidewalkers, Konad White Special,
Kiss Nail Art Paint in Silver Glitter