Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hey guys! I just wanted to share this design & video tutorial I did using Bundle Monster's ombre image pattern from plate BM-301. I hope you likey! Please subscribe to my youtube channel! : )

BM-301 - Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, Konad Violet Pearl Special Polish
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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hey guys! This is just a quick post to show you what I picked up at Walgreen's during their Sinful Colors sale. For those that don't know, Sinful Colors were a $1 off with coupon & Walgreens card. The limit was 3. And that's a good deal considering Sinful Colors are only $2. I haven't purchase nail polish in a long time, I'm on a budget, but I couldn't pass up polishes for only $1! So I took a trip to my local Walgreens, of course typical me waited to the very last minute before going, but they still had a huge selection of polishes including the Sugar Rush & Limited Edition Almost Famous Glitters so it was good. Below are the polishes I purchased. The cashier was nice enough to allow me to use the coupon multiple times, so I got all these polishes for $1 each. I actually meant to get a couple more from the Sugar Rush collection BUT I guess I forgot to put them in my shopping cart, smh, I didn't realize til I got home! It's crazy cause I remember having them in my hand and everything, but I guess I was distracted by all the pretty colors, lol. I was there debating which colors to get & I guess I put them back down on the counter instead of in my cart, smh, oh well. I still got alot of pretty colors and at a great deal. AND, I even got one for FREE! Yup, the red one was on clearance for a $1 so with the coupon it was free! I didn't even see that one but the cashier was nice enough to tell me about it when I was checking out & she even had someone go get it for me. I love nice people, lol. Btw, this is my first haul & I was just curious as to your opinion on hauls and haul videos on youtube. Is that something you are interested in? And if so, what type of hauls do you like? Should I post more hauls or do a youtube video haul? Thanks in advance! : )
Colors: Orange Cream, Tempest, Sugar Rush, Sweet Nothing, Savage, Lush Life, Ice Dream, Charmed, Tantalize, Cross My Heart

This next picture is the rest of my Sinful Colors collection excluding my newest editions that I just showed above. As you can see I have gotten alot of use out of many of them, lol:

Last Row: You Just Wait, Beautiful Girl, Soul Mate, Pink Forever, 24/7, Cream Pink, Dream On, I Miss You, Bali Mist, Purple Diamond, See You Soon
First Row: Ocean Side, Let's Meet, Unicorn, Cinderella, Innocent, Hazard, Out of This World, Queen of Beauty, Secret Admirer 

What's your favorite Sinful Colors polish?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey guys! This is just a quick post to show you this super easy ombre gradient mani I did. I apologize because it looks little messy right now because I didn't clean the excess polish off the sides of my nails & off my cuticles yet because I was going to do a nail design over this & I like to clean them at the very end when my mani is complete. I assure you this looks much nicer when it's all cleaned up, lol. I posted a video tutorial to show you a simple technique to achieve this ombre look. I hope you like! Please subscribe to my youtube channel:

Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac & China Glaze For Audrey

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

2012 Red Angel Nail Plates Review

Hey guys! I purchased Red Angel's 2012 nail stamping plate collection and this is my review for it! I was very excited to see all the great designs they had & even more excited by their inexpensive price so I just had to get them! My first attempts at using Red Angel nail plates did not come out so well. First let me start by saying they have some really beautiful full nail designs! The set is available on Amazon, I purchased for $16.98 (price may differ now) which I think is a good deal because it includes 21 plates with 5 to 7 designs on each plate. And they are not dupes of Konad or Bundle Monster. Red Angel plates consist of their own original designs. Unfortunately, there are some cons, I guess that comes with the inexpensive territory. The plate edges are kind of sharp so be careful not to cut yourself. My bigger issue with the plates is that the images/patterns are etched too deeply into the plate, which causes the image to smear when you stamp it on to the nail. Now keep in mind that I have not tested every single design so I'm hoping this isn't an issue with all of them, but with the designs I have tested I had the same issue. When I was cleaning them with a cotton ball I could feel how deeply they were etched that it even caused the little cotton ball fuzzies to get caught in the grooves. Perhaps I have a defective batch because they seem to have alot of good reviews on Amazon, though I have noticed there are some people who have the same complaints as me. Now I did find somewhat of a solution to the issue. Normally when stamping, you apply polish to the plate, scrape the access polish off, stamp the plate & QUICKLY stamp your nail before the special polish dries. Well, when you have deeply etched plates it transfers more polish on to the stamp so it takes a little longer for the polish to dry because it's a thicker layer. So after you stamp your plate you should wait about 15 seconds or so before stamping the design on to your nail, because if the polish is too wet when you stamp it on to your nail then it will smear. That has seemed to work for the most part.
Overall, this is a mixed review because while I am satisfied with the unique designs they offer & the inexpensive price, I am disappointed with the quality. They have recently come out with a 2013 set so hopefully they have made some improvements. Below is a design I did with Red Angel plate RA-114 along with a pic of the image plates. What do you think about Red Angel?

Red Angel Plates - Image obtained from

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LOVELY KONAD VALENTINE'S DAY NAIL ART DESIGN AND VIDEO TUTORIAL - "fun" "valentine's day nail art" "pretty" "valentine's day nails" "valentine's day nail designs" "valentines day nails" valentines day nail art" "vday nails" "vday nail art" "tutorial" "nail stamping" "konad nail art" "hearts nail art" "nail art with hearts" "lovely nail art" "swirly nail art" "pink and purple nails" "pink and purple nail art" "love nail art" "valentine's day manicures" "pretty nail art" "fun nail art" "diy" "tutorial"

Hey everyone! Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I wanted to share this "Lovely" Konad Valentine's Day design & video tutorial with you! I actually did this last year but never posted. This was one of the first nail art video tutorials I did so please excuse the quality. I veered off camera a couple times (not used to doing my nails on camera) & there is an annoying shadow throughout the video, ugh. I got a lamp now so hopefully my future projects will come out better. I hope you like! Please subscribe to my youtube channel!!!

Konad M59, M63, M73 - Zoya Sweet, 10 Pro Lacquer Spring Awakening,
Konad White Special, Black Special & Violet Peart Special

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ombre Gradient Sponge Nail Art Design & Video Tutorial

Hey guys! I'm back! Hope all is well with you. I am so behind with my posts but hoping to get them all out soon! ...So ombre nails have become sooo popular that I decided to do a video tutorial showing how to do a simple ombre gradient using a makeup sponge & 2 polish colors. I first painted my nails white & let dry, but that's an optional step. I just think the colors show up better over a white base but you can experiment with different base colors or just apply a clear base. I then sponged on my gradient using two polish colors, teal & pink. You can experiment with different color combinations of your choice or choose a light & dark shade in the same color family to create a nice gradient effect. You can also choose more than 2 colors if you'd like, there's tons of possibilities! There are also several techniques for producing ombre nails, I will be posting another ombre tutorial soon where I will only be sponging one polish color to produce a gradient, perhaps that will be easier for beginners...To finish out this gradient look I applied a clear glitter polish over it but that is an optional step. I think it just adds a nice sparkle and smooths the look out. Sponge gradient doesn't always come out so smooth, but if you apply a clear glitter polish & clear top coat or apply a couple coats of just clear top coat that will usually smooth out the look. I hope you find this helpful, I'm new to making video tutorials so bear with me, lol. And don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!
Wet N'Wild French White Creme, Pure Ice Scream, Wet N'Wild Candy-licious,
Wet N'W Hallucinate