Thursday, June 26, 2014

BPS Star Studded Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I have a nail art tutorial and also a quick review for you of Born Pretty Store's square & star nail art stud wheel! I love nail art studs & I really like this wheel a lot because it consists of a variety of fun neon colors in square & star shapes. The studs are easy to apply & add a nice pop of fun color! They last long so long as you adhere them properly & it helps to add an extra coat of topcoat every couple days. The colors included are purple, pink, blue, green, yellow & orange. These studs really inspired me to do a fun colorful look, so I took some polishes that matched the stud colors & created a gradient effect with them on my thumb, middle, & ring nails. I then stamped them with a spiral pattern from Born Pretty Store's QA65 image plate & applied a row of stars to my index & pinky nails! I really like how these came out, the colors really pop! I included a video tutorial below so you can learn how to achieve this fun & easy look. Hope you like! I also included direct links to the image plate & nail art studs I used for this design below. Check out Born Pretty Store for inexpensive nail art supplies & more, plus free shipping worldwide! Get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order (excludes sale items) with coupon code: TJL91

300 pc Star & Square Nail Art Studs (14438):

BPS Stamping Plate QA65:

BPS QA65 - Wet n Wild French White Creme & Black Creme, Essie The More the Merrier, Fresh Paint Guava,
Funky Fingers 220 Volts, Sinful Colors 24/7, Orly Prism Gloss Gold
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SPRING NAIL HAUL - Polish, Plates & More!

Hey guys! Hope all is well! I realized it's been awhile since I have done a haul so I compiled some of my latest nail products to share with you today!

First up are some new stamping plates I got from Born Pretty Store along with some water decals. I actually was one of the winners of the BPS Valentine's Day Nail Art Contest & won a $15 BPS voucher & this is what I purchased with it! I really like the BPS octagon plates, they stamp great & their full nail image patterns are a good size! :-)

QA76, QA27, QA65, QA71, KD3
I recently decided to invest in some new nail stampers as I only had the Konad doubled ended stamper & an XL Squishy Marshmallow Stamper. I wanted to try some new ones so I got these. The black one is from Winstonia & the gray one I purchased on ebay. Both are squishy firm. I also purchased some french tip guides from ebay because I love doing french tip designs & so I like to have these on hand. Instead of purchasing the traditional french tip guides, I got the variety pack which consists of 3 different french tip styles so looking forward to trying out. I am also working on a review for the Winstonia stamper so look out for that, will be publishing it very soon! : )

Below are some nail art studs I got from Born Pretty Store! I love nail art studs, they are easy to use & create such a nice effect! The left rhinestone wheel has gold & silver 3mm square & round studs. The right are square & star studs in a variety of different fun colors! The bag consists of size 3mm black square studs. I did a review for the silver, gold & black nail art studs, click here to check that out! I will also be posting a review & nail art design with the neon studs hopefully later this week so look out for that! : )

Last are some new polishes from the Sally Hansen Color Foil Collection & the NYC City Samba Collection. These are both new Spring collections that are available now! I have already reviewed & swatched the SH Color Foils, click here to check that out & I'm currently working on a review/swatches of the City Samba polishes so stayed tuned for that!

Sally Hansen: Cobalt Chrome, Minted Metal, Purle Alloy, Sterling Silver, Liquid Gold
NYC: Jacaranda, Tropicoral, Amazon Green, Sweet Melon

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Red Hot BPS Studded Leadlight Cherry Blossom Nail Art Stamping Design and Video Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I have a new design & video tutorial to share with you aswell as a quick review. I have been wanting to do a design with the color red for awhile now cause it's a color I don't use often & when I got these nail art studs from Born Pretty Store I figured it was the perfect time to do a red hot mani, lol. I used the leadlight technique for the flowers on my index & pinky nails and used 3mm square studs from Born Pretty Store for the middle & accent nails to spice things up! I really like these nail art studs, they are easy to use & add such a nice effect! The silver studs used on my accent nails came in a small rhinestone wheel that included a variety of both silver & gold studs in round and square shapes, size 3mm. I also own the 2mm wheel aswell and I like both, it's great to have different sizes! The black square studs came in a small plastic bag. I included the direct links to them below aswell as the BPS stamping plate I used for this design (featured on my accent & thumb nails). I just want to add I really like the octagon stamping plates from BPS, I own quite a few of them! They are inexpensive & I have never had any issues with them and the full nail patterns are pretty large, especially compared to the Red Angel stamping plate that I used in this design, smh (index & pinky nails). Check out my video tutorial below to learn how to achieve this look & please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! Hope you like! God bless! :-)

Get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order (excluding sale items) with coupon code: TJL91

3mm Round Square Stud Rhinestone Wheel (7259):

3mm Black Square Studs (5471):

BPS Stamping Plate QA65:

BPS QA65 & Red Angel RA-109 - Wet n Wild Red Red & French White Creme, Kiss Nail Art Paint: Silver Glitter, China Glaze Glistening Snow, Konad Black Special Polish
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New 2014 Sally Hansen Limited Edition Color Foil Collection Reviews, Swatches & Stamp Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you of Sally Hansen's new Color Foil Collection! This collection consists of 10 bright shimmering metallic shades, perfect for the summer season! I have 5 polishes from the collection to review for you today! To get you more acquainted with this collection I have included Sally Hansen's press release, followed by my swatches & my personal review...


THINK: Metallic iridescence in must-have shades

WHAT THEY ARE: Shimmering metallic special effect polishes in ten trendsetting shades. Get ready to bring your nails into the spotlight. With the new Sally Hansen® ColorFoil™ Nail Makeup collection, rich, electrifying pigments join forces with fashion-forward aluminum leaf to create a never-before-seen brilliant gleam effect for nails. Beloved by the most riveting stars, metallic finish nails can now be yours at home with color leader Sally Hansen®’s newest light-in-a-bottle formula.

Achieve high impact drama with high shine, liquid metal looks.  With on-trend shades such as this year’s “it” color, pinky-purple lilac, to must-have mint and essential gold, silver, and copper metallics, each shade delivers a unique iridescent foil gleam finish for a one-of-a-kind nail lookThese glinting polishes explode from within with extreme theatrical effect, for a new level of brilliance that fuels today’s desire for over-the-top, outrageous shine.

The breakthrough Sally Hansen® ColorFoil™ Nail Makeupcollection features an exclusive non-streaking patented formula that dries in just seconds, for flawless, time saving application. The ten colorful new high-profile shades are designed to be used alone, without a base or top coat to fully preserve the stunning metallic color and effect.

WHAT THEY COST:$7.99 each

WHERE TO FIND THEM:The Sally Hansen® ColorFoil™ Nail Makeup collection is available beginning June 2014 at chain drug stores, food stores, and mass merchandisers nationwide.

The shades I am showing you today are: Liquid Gold, Purple Alloy, Cobalt Chrome, Sterling Silver & Minted Metal. Since these polishes are metallic I decided to also do some stamping swatches since metallic polishes usually work well with nail stamping & these polishes did not disappoint! Each swatch was done with just one coat and no top coat. The middle & ring nails are stamp swatches done over black polish with no top coat. Since metallics can be kind of difficult to photograph since they are so reflective I decided to take pics of the swatches both inside with flash aswell as outside in natural light.

Liquid Gold: I really like this shade as I feel it's not always easy finding a true gold shade, some are too yellow, some are too bronzey, but in my opinion this is just right. 

Sally Hansen ColorFoil Liquid Gold - Stamping plate QA27
Purple Alloy: A pretty purple chrome shade.

Sally Hansen ColorFoil Purple Alloy - Stamping Plate QA65
Cobalt Chrome: A nice blue chrome, although I personally don't consider this to be "cobalt" blue, it's more like steel blue.

Sally Hansen ColorFoil Cobalt Chrome - Stamping plate QA65
Sterling Silver: The name says it all; a nice highly reflective metallic sterling silver shade. In the first pic it looks as if it has a yellowish tint to it, but that's just the reflection from my camera flash. 

Sally Hansen ColorFoil Sterling Silver - Stamping plate QA65
Minted Metal: A beautiful minty green metallic shade. 

Sally Hansen Minted Metal - Stamping plate KD3

Overall Review: I really like these polishes a lot! They are easy to apply, dry quickly, they come from a trusted brand and they stamp beautifully!!! They are opaque in just one coat which I love & have a beautiful shiny metallic/chrome-like finish! I did not find the formula to be streaky either, which can sometimes be a problem with chrome polishes. You should be able to find this collection at local drugstores but grab them quick as these are limited edition! I will say when you stamp with these that you should work quickly as these polishes dry quickly and also I found it worked best with a hard rubber stamper. I initially tried stamping these with my squishy firm stamper but it would not pick up this polish, but when I used my Konad double ended stamper it picked up this polish with no problem. Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

For more information on Sally Hansen products, visit: 

Also, you can find the stamping plates I used at:



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Angled Ombre Floral French Tip Pretty Spring Summer Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you this design I did. It's actually for a nail art contest  I entered & the theme is Spring using pastel colors (white, silver & gold polishes are also allowed). I am excited because it's been a long time since I entered a nail art contest! I gave up on them for awhile because most of them choose their winners based on who has the most votes which basically turns into a popularity contest more than focusing on the actual nail design. I can't keep up with those, lol, but I like this contest because the host will be choosing the winner so don't have to worry about any shenanigans, lol! I also love the theme of this contest, because I love Spring designs & pretty pastels! This is the design I came up with because when I think of Spring I think of pretty flowers!!! I decided to do an angled french tip with an ombre gradient & rhinestone studded full accent nails! I am really happy with the way these came out & I hope you them like too! I did a video tutorial for this look so please check it out & subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! :-)

Konad M53 & Red Angel RA-119 - Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl & Candy Coated, Konad White SP,
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Easy Layered Stamping for Beginners Spring Nail Art Design

   Hey guys! Today my post is a little different than usual because the nails below are not mine, they are my friend's nails! She recently asked me if I could teach her to do nails so she came over the other day & I introduced her to nail stamping! I think nail stamping is a great, fun & easy technique for those who are just getting into nail art. She absolutely loved it! It took only a few tries for her to get the hang of it & she was a pro! After a little practice we went for a full mani & this is the design we came up with! She did most of it herself & did a fabulous job!!! She loved them & even text me the next day saying how she can't stop looking at her nails! I'm sure all you fellow nail artists can relate to that, I know I can! I'm so proud, lol.
   For those starting out with nail stamping just remember that practice makes perfect! I have seen people struggle sometimes when they are first learning, but don't give up! Keep practicing & you will eventually get the hang of it. And if for whatever reason you just can't get it don't be afraid to try something different. It's also about trial and error when it comes to stamping such as the polish or plate you are using, or the direction you scrape, or the stamper you are using! When I first started out I had a hard time & would get frustrated, but I got better over time. And it got even easier when I got an XL Squishy Stamper because when I first got into stamping the squishy stampers weren't around. I had been using the Konad double ended stamper which I like & still use sometimes, but the squishy stamper is much easier to use on my long nails, especially when stamping full nail patterns. I am amazed how much has changed from when I first began stamping, the only plates around were Konad & those plates were not cheap either, smh. Now stamping has really blown up & there are so many new companies producing stamping plates, polishes, & even stampers! It's very exciting! Can't wait to see what's next! And I'm so happy to introduce my friend to this new world & look forward to seeing her nail art creations! If you are new to stamping, check out my tips page for more info! And don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for daily nail art tutorials! :-)

BM-316 & M50 - Fresh Paint Passion Fruit, Color Club Harp On It, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, Konad Black Special Polish

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Times a Charm - My Pretty Nailz' Born Pretty Store Giveaway Announcement...And the NEW WINNER IS....

Hey guys! So some of you may know I announced the winner for the My Pretty Nailz' Born Pretty Store Giveaway on Monday and I also emailed the winner that day, but I have not heard back. As stated in the rules the winner had 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner would be chosen and unfortunately I have not heard back from that person so a new winner as been selected via rafflecopter! Below is my original message that was posted on Monday followed by the new winner announcement! : )

Hey everyone and welcome to my new followers! I hope all is well with you! Today is an exciting day as I get to announce the winner of my second giveaway, sponsored by Born Pretty Store!!! First I want to thank you all for entering & for following me! I really love doing nail art & it means so much when you like my work & tutorials! I've met a lot of nice people in the beauty & nail art community & I hope to meet more of you so don't be a stranger! I also would like to thank Born Pretty Store for sponsoring this giveaway! Now on to the results... There were much less entries for this giveaway than my last one giveaway which is surprising, especially considering this prize is even bigger! Where is everybody!? Lol...About 86 people eligibly entered this giveaway with a total of 2218 entries, one winner was selected randomly via Rafflecopter  to win a $25 Born Pretty Store Voucher and that winner is...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Joanna Ladesma! I sent you an email so please check it & if you don't see it then check your spam folders! You have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be chosen!

Thank you all for entering my giveaway! Please stay tuned for more giveaways & until then don't be a stranger! : )

Visit Born Pretty Store for tons of inexpensive nail art supplies & more! Free shipping worldwide! Get 10% off your order with coupon code: TJL91

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Sally Hansen Triple Shine Collection Review and Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing Sally Hansen's new Triple Shine Nail Color Collection. I am sorry because I meant to post this much sooner, but became super behind on my posts due to some personal matters but I am back to business now and ready to shine! Sally Hansen Triple Shine Collection hit shelves several months ago with 29 shades to choose from varying in three trend-setting color palettes:

·       Iridescence: A range of nine ethereal, pearlescent pastels and shimmering metallics
·       Pop: A rainbow of ten vibrant, saturated polishes in bold brights
·       Fanta-Sea: A glittering selection of ten aquatic tones that evoke the sun-dappled sea

I copy & pasted the following info about the collection from a Sally Hansen newsletter I received so you can get the whole scoop on this high shine collection:

"WHAT THEY ARE: Biggest, boldest, shiniest colors. When it comes to a brilliant shine, the key word is more,more, more. That’s why Sally Hansen is bringing maximum radiance to the season’s most covetable colors with the new Triple Shine Nail Color. Sally Hansen knows that high shine is what you crave. Yet, daily hand washing can eat away at color due to water’s high pH, detergent can dull shine, and everything from chlorine to heat can damage polish’s precious luster. Luckily, this innovative formula features a one-of-a-kind Ultimate Shield Complex, designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of everyday living.  As the latest breakthrough from Sally Hansen, the definitive color authorityTriple Shine Nail Color marries sheer brilliance with the shades of the moment for non-stop shine in the colors you covet.


Triple Shine Nail Color is formulated with an Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen. It is a carefully balanced blend of solvents and color solids that work synergistically for high impact color and maximum shine. It delivers Triple Shine benefits via:
·       The Gloss-Tech Brush designed specifically to apply the Triple Shine formula.  It lays down polish smoothly and evenly to form a glass-like, flawless finish that maximizes lasting shine – and looks “just applied” for days.
·       An exclusive complex of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E for daily defense from water, detergent and every day wear plus Sea Kelp and Panthenol for maximum hydration.
·       Guanine, a natural crushed pearl found in aquatic life delivers a natural iridescence and high-impact, lasting shine."

This collection also has a clear Top Coat which is "formulated with the exclusive Ultimate Shield Complex, including the Guanine natural crushed pearl, it extends the life of a manicure, adds protection from chipping and wear, and keeps color looking “just applied” for days. Additional uniquely transparent acrylate polymers deliver a luminous solid shield that looks sculpted onto nails for the ultimate in elasticity and breakage resistance."

 I reviewed 7 polishes from the collection:

Ree-Raf - This is my favorite color from the collection that I have personally tried. It's a beautiful rich hot pink/coral cream shade. It took 2 coats to make opaque.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Ree-Raf
Great White - This polish is a thin glittery white shade, perfect for the holidays. It took about 5 coats to make opaque. I suggest layering this over a more opaque white polish for a pretty effect or can wear alone with less coats for a sheer look.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Great White
Vanity Flare - This polish is a deep grape/plum cream purple. Took 2 coats to make opaque.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Vanity Flare
Clam Up - This is a sheer iridescent/pearlescent baby pink shade. It took 5 coats & still wasn't completely opaque. This is another one that I would suggest layering over another polish as opposed to wearing alone, unless you like a sheer look which actually seems to be in style right now.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Clam Up
Bait Me - This polish is a very light silver-white shade with subtle shimmer.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Bait Me
Dream Sheen - This is a sheer lilac purple shade.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Dream Sheen
Fanta-Sea - This is a sheer bluish teal & silver glitter polish. I swatched over my bare nails but I think it would look much nicer over a colored base. I think this would also be a nice polish in a jelly sandwich mani.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Fanta-Sea

Overall Review: I found these polishes to be easy to apply & have a nice shine. The flat brush allows for easy application, but the polish is thin so the majority of the polishes I tested took more than 2 coats to make opaque (the Iridescence shades took up to 5 coats to make opaque but probably because they are meant to be worn on the sheer side, I personally prefer opaque colors). For my nail art stampers out there, these are not ideal polishes to stamp with, I suggest checking out Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's for that...My favorite shades were from the "POP" palette. Nice, bright, & creamy and took only 2 coats to make opaque. What do think think of this collection? Have you tried it & if so, which is your favorite?

You should be able to find this collection at most chain drug stores & mass retailers that sell Sally Hansen. They retail for about $4.99. For more info on this collection visit: