Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glittery Purple Nails with Flowers Nail Art Design - Purple Nails, Purple and White Nail Art, Floral Nail Art, Flower Nail Art, Girly Nail Art, Glittery Nail Art, Sparkling Nail Art Design, Konad M53 M63 M81

For this design I applied a purple base coat followed by a purple glitter polish. I used multiple images from plates M53, M63 & M81 to create this look. I then added some purple rhinestones to the flowers. Btw, these nails are very glittery, the pictures don't truly capture how glittery they are.

M53, M63, M81 - Konad White S.P. & Wn'W Metallica, Wn'W Wild Card & Sinful Colors I Miss You

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Lizzette said...

oooh so glittery! These are so classy and flawless.