Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Hey all, since today is the last day of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) I decided to post another "Think Pink" Design since I think this is such an important issue. This time I did something a little more simple, it's just a basic french mani with some pink ribbon nail decals. I meant to post these up sooner, but I was actually waiting on some pink ribbon rhinestone decals that I had ordered. I was planning to add them to the thumb & ring fingernails. Sadly they didn't get here in time so I'm just gonna post up the design I have as is.

Wn'W Sugar Coat, NYC French White Tip, BSN Planet Nail Art Polish
(If you would like more info on Breast Cancer or would like to make a donation, there are some links posted in the "Breast Cancer Awareness" section of my blog)


Sylvia said...

very cute!

Deriniti said...

thanx so much for your comment & for joining! : )

alovesyheng said...

wow! nice. simple but elegant ^_^
I'm going to try it myself. =)

Deriniti said...

thank you! i would love to see how yours come out! : )