Thursday, September 11, 2014

Butterfly Tips - Ombre French Tip Design with Butterflies Nail Art and Video Tutorial

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! Today I am sharing with you this fun french tip design I did! I am a little late with posting this as this was something I did for the Summer, but I have been behind with my posts due to a new job I got (actually 2 new jobs, lol). Anyways, I finally found some time to get this posted. I combined freehand nail art with nail stamping to create this look & I am really happy with the way they came out! I hope you like! I included a video tutorial for this design below so please check it out & subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! : )

Konad M50 - Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, China Glaze For Audrey, Konad Black SP, Kiss Nail Art Paint: Black, Color Club Nail Art Lacquer: Orchistra

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wintstonia XL Squishy Firm Stamper

Hey guys! So today I have a quick review for you of Winstonia's XL Stamper. This is a dual ended stamper, with one large semi soft stamping head and a small hard rubber stamping head & large scraper. This stamper looks just like a stamper I had purchased from ebay known as an XL Squishy Stamper, but is actually different. The stamper I got from ebay is extremely soft (known as the "marshmallow" stamper in the stamping universe) and has a very sticky texture. Winstonia's stamper is not sticky & nor is it super soft, though it is not hard either (like Konad stampers), it is in between: "squishy firm". This was my first time using a squishy firm stamper and I liked it. When I first received the stamper I primed it by lightly filing the surface with a nail file to help images adhere to it better. I do this with all stampers I get. It picked up the images effortlessly and stamped on to my nails with no problems. I have long curved nails so I prefer large stampers that are on the softer side, especially when it comes to stamping full nail patterns. I like when a stamper can basically "hug" my nails & although this stamper was not marshmallow soft, it was soft enough to conform to my nails so that I was able to stamp full nail patterns on my nails in one shot. Since it is squishy firm, it's not as easy to stretch images as it is with the marshmallow stamper but that's not really a big deal, especially if you have shorter nails. Another great thing about this stamper is that when I used it the white stamper head stayed attached to the base, whereas I have had issues with my marshmallow stamper falling out of the base & it was really annoying and I know others have had that same problem. This one stayed intact while using it which was great. It was also easy to clean, you can wipe with polish remover or use a piece of tape to clean it. Overall, I am pleased with this stamper & can see myself using it a lot! You can find this stamper at They also sell stamping plates & more! You can see me in action using this very stamper in the video tutorial below! Have you guys tried this yet? What's your favorite stamper?

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tropical Ombre Zebra and Flower French Tips Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial

Hey guys! I hope all is well! Today I am sharing you this fun french tip design I did. I wanted to do something bright & colorful for summer! I included a video tutorial for this look so please check it out & subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! I hope you like! : )

Konad M57 & M84 - Sinful Colors Orange Cream, Sinful Colors Tempest, Konad White SP, Mash Black SP
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Manicure Makeover! Red Hot Cherry Blossom Mani Revision

Hey guys! The design I am sharing with you today is actually the makeover version of a manicure I posted a few weeks ago. The Red Hot Studded Cherry Blossom Manicure. After I did that manicure I decided to tweek it after a few days for a new look. Have you ever done that? I usually don't, but had the urge so I went for it. I used acrylic paint cause I feel that it's easier to paint over existing designs because it's so opaque & if you make a mistake you can wipe it off quickly with water or rubbing alchohol. That way if I didn't like how it came out I could just remove it. I painted black over the red on my accent nails, spiced up the thumb nail by adding some black to it and added a couple black dots to the middle finger nails. I then painted a matte top coat over just the black areas to create a different textured look & I also painted a matte top coat over the nails with the cherry blossoms on it. Not sure which mani I like better, although I do like the thumb nails better with this mani & I also like the matte finish I added. What do you guys think?

BPS QA65 & Red Angel RA-109 - Wet n Wild Red Red & French White Creme, Kiss Nail Art Paint: Silver Glitter, China Glaze Glistening Snow, Konad Black Special Polish, Black Acrylic Paint

Here's the tutorial for the original look:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NYC 2014 Limited Edition City Samba Collection Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you of NYC New York Color's City Samba Collection. These are limited edition "In a Minute Quick Dry" polishes that just recently hit store shelves. There are 8 shades to choose from & I have 4 to show you today from this vibrant Brazil inspired collection.


THINK: A Brazilian beauty escape.

WHAT IT IS: A limited edition color inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil. NYC New York Color is bringing the sexy beaches and sizzling sun of Brazil to New York with a new, limited edition City Samba collection filled with Brazilian fun and flare. Look your sexiest yet with Carnivale-ready nail polishes, brilliant lip glosses, and shimmering bronzing powders.

The NYC New York Color City Samba Nail collection includes:

 In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish ($1.99): Ultra-quick dry nail enamel in electrifying summer shades. These high pigment colors are infused with a hint of shimmer for brilliant, tropically-hued nails that won’t fade. The nail strengthening formula is infused with magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium for beautiful nails and specifically formulated to dry in lightning speed time to a dazzling, high shine finish. The shades: Carnival Red,CopabananaJacaranda FlowerOcean BluePalm TreeTropicoral, Sweet Melon and Amazon Green

Tropicoral: This is bright, creamy coral shade that leans more to the orange side. It was opaque in just one coat.

NYC Tropicoral

Jacaranda Flower: This is a vibrant, creamy grape purple shade & took 2 coats to make opaque.

NYC Jacaranda Flower

Amazon Green: I would describe this shade as like a tropical mint green. I don't have a color like this in my collection. It's pretty & bright with a frosty finish. I am not into green polishes, but I actually really like this shade a lot! Took 2 coats to make opaque.

NYC Amazon Green

Sweet Melon: This is a bright, creamy melon yellow shade. The color of a cantaloupe. I have nothing like this shade in my collection. Took 2 coats to make opaque.

NYC Sweet Melon
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Overall Review: I really like this collection! The polish shades are vibrant & fun, perfect for the summer season. I think they capture the vibrancy of beautiful Brazil & festive Carnivale. They dry quickly which I love & have a lot of pigment so I only needed 1-2 coats to achieve full opacity for the polishes that I personally tested. Another great thing about these polishes is they are only $1.99!!! For more info, check out What do you think?


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patriotic 4th of July Independence Day Stars & Stripes Nail Art Design & Video Tutorial

Hey guys! The design I am sharing today is actually a design I have already shared here before. I did this design a couple years ago but decided to do a video tutorial for it so I re-created this design to show you how to achieve this look! Hope you like! Some of the products I used in the video tutorial are different than the products I used for the original design so I listed in the tutorial what I used for the original design (pictured below) aswell as what I used in the video tutorial. Hope you like! Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! Hope you & your loved ones have a safe, healthy & happy 4th of July! God Bless! : )

BM14 & BM20 - Wet N'Wild Red Red, Orly Royal Navy, Konad White Special

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

BPS Star Studded Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I have a nail art tutorial and also a quick review for you of Born Pretty Store's square & star nail art stud wheel! I love nail art studs & I really like this wheel a lot because it consists of a variety of fun neon colors in square & star shapes. The studs are easy to apply & add a nice pop of fun color! They last long so long as you adhere them properly & it helps to add an extra coat of topcoat every couple days. The colors included are purple, pink, blue, green, yellow & orange. These studs really inspired me to do a fun colorful look, so I took some polishes that matched the stud colors & created a gradient effect with them on my thumb, middle, & ring nails. I then stamped them with a spiral pattern from Born Pretty Store's QA65 image plate & applied a row of stars to my index & pinky nails! I really like how these came out, the colors really pop! I included a video tutorial below so you can learn how to achieve this fun & easy look. Hope you like! I also included direct links to the image plate & nail art studs I used for this design below. Check out Born Pretty Store for inexpensive nail art supplies & more, plus free shipping worldwide! Get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order (excludes sale items) with coupon code: TJL91

300 pc Star & Square Nail Art Studs (14438):

BPS Stamping Plate QA65:

BPS QA65 - Wet n Wild French White Creme & Black Creme, Essie The More the Merrier, Fresh Paint Guava,
Funky Fingers 220 Volts, Sinful Colors 24/7, Orly Prism Gloss Gold
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