Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ombre French Tips with Hand Painted Flowers Nail Art Design & Video Tutorial - My Rite Aid Nails Finalist Entry

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago I showed you a design I entered in Rite Aid Nails Extravaganza Nail Art Contest. Well I have exciting news to share with you today, I made it into the Finals!!! Yey! There were over 900 entries & now it's down to just 20 Finalists for the grand prize! I still can't believe it! Last week they sent me a nail kit to create a brand new design from to compete against the 19 other finalists! This is the design I came up with! I hope you like! I hand painted this using nail polishes from the kit they sent me. First I created some ombre french tips & then hand painted some flowers along with a tribal pattern. This is the first time I hand painted flowers so I hope you like.There wasn't much time given to do the design either so I did what I could do with what I had & in the time given, now I'm praying it's a winner! Lol. For the contest I also had to name the design so I decided to go with "Tropic Essence" because I got a tropical feel from the color combo & flowers. The winners will be selected from a point system based off of both public voting & judge's scoring. The judges are Annette Falso (Revlon), Makeup & Nail Guru Julie G. & Katie Cazorla (Kiss Nails)! I hope you like! I also did a video tutorial for this look so please check it out & subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! :  )

Essie Full Steam Ahead, Wet N Wild I Need A Refreshment,
Sinful Colors Dream On, Black Polish from Pretty Woman Velvet Provocateur Kit
This was my first entry for the Rite Aid Nails Extravaganza Contest.

P.S. Below is the nail kit they sent me to do my finalist entry with! I couldn't believe all of the stuff they sent me!!! This was the ultimate nail mail, lol. I plan to do a haul for this to show you it in more detail! : )



Jessie Palmer said...

Holy cow! What an awesome thing to get from them even if you don't win! I'll get online and cast my vote later today. :) Good luck!

Deriniti said...

yes, the finalist prize was amazing! i'm definately happy i made it this far! but of course, would still like to go all the way! i appreciate your vote, thank you! : )

Trina Morgan said...

Wow that is alot I love it and your nails. You know I'm a sucker for your nails girly lol:)

Deriniti said...

lol, thank you! ...yes, lots of goodies! i was shocked. they said they would be sending us a nail kit to do a new design with, but i didn't expect it to be all that! i got a couple dupes so i plan to do a giveaway for that soon, when the contest is over, so keep an eye out for that! : )