Thursday, June 6, 2013


    Hey guys! I hope all is well! I have been doing nail art & nail art stamping for a couple years now but surprisely never tried Mash, that is until now! I finally got some Mash nail art stamping products aswell as some Mash nail art pens and I'm going to be reviewing them all for you today! For those who aren't familiar with Mash, check out They sell nail art supplies, polishes, nail stamping supplies & stuff like that! : )
    First let me start with the stamping products I got which are a stamper & a scraper, 4 image plates & 2 Mash Nail Art Polishes for Stamping. I was especially excited to try out their Nail Art Stamping Polishes because their aren't many brands that produce Stamping Polishes aka "Special Polish". For those who aren't familiar with stamping polish, it is a nail polish specially design to be used for stamping. According to the Mash website, it is specially formulated with a much higher viscosity than traditional nail polishes, giving you the perfect design your mani deserves. It is thicker than traditional nail polish, therefore it's only meant for stamping! Before trying Mash's stamping polishes I had been using Konad Special Polish. The thing I always hated about Konad is their high prices! I feel that both their polishes & image plates are overpriced. When I first began stamping they were the only company I was really familiar with when it came to stamping supplies, but since then the stamping craze has really taken off & there's a lot more brands out there selling image plates & at cheaper prices! But surprisely, I haven't come across many brands producing stamping polish leaving me to continue using Konad brand so when I heard about Mash stamping polish I had to try! They are cheaper than Konad Special Polish & contain more product! At the time of this post, they are only $5.99 for a 15ml bottle! That's a great deal considering Konad's 12ml Special Polish goes for about $7.99 & their 11ml bottles are $6.99, smh!
    I got Mash's stamping polishes in both white & black because I feel those colors are a must when you are into nail art stamping like myself. The design below features both polishes. As you can see they both stamp! Now I will say the white stamping polish is not as white as Konad brand, but it still works well! The black is perfect! Very opaque! The pictures speak for themselves! : )
    Mash Nail Stamping Plates: I really like the plates I got, they have beautiful designs, they are etched properly & stamp wonderfully! I had no issues with them. And they reasonably priced aswell, $3.99 per individual plate on the website & they also sell their plates on where they are actually even cheaper! They also have some Konad dupes, so if you were eyeing some Konad plates, I suggest you check out Mash if you wanna save some money! I used 2 of my Mash image plates to create my design below!
    I also got some Mash nail art pens, one in pink & one in black! I tried them both out & incorpated them in my design below! I really like them! They're great for making dots on your nails or for correcting a nail stamping mistake. You can also use them to draw on your nails though I didn't attempt that because I actually have pretty shakey hands so I'm not so good at using nail art pens to create designs. The pink is really bright, like a neon pink, and it shows up even over black! I likey! : )

This is the nail art design I did! I mainly used Mash products for this design with the exception of the french tip base polish & black nail art paint for the tribal stripes. I have been really into french tips lately, so I couldn't resist using my new Mash goodies to create another fun french tip mani! I hope you like! I did a video tutorial for this nail art design so you can learn how to achieve this look & also so that you can see me in action using my new Mash products! Please check it out & subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! : )

Mash-43 & Mash-35 - Zoya Sweet, Mash Nail Art Polish in Black & White, Mash Nail Art Pens in Black & Pink, Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black

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Overall I am pleased with Mash! They have some great nail art supplies and are reasonably priced aswell! You can get the products I used at I hope you find this review helpful! Thanks for stopping by! : )



Jenniya said...

You're so creative dear. Love it!

New post is up!
XX, IamJenniya

Danielle Hughes said...

Your nails look gorgeous! I've been thinking about getting into the stamping craze, I just have a terrible time growing out my nails. I get so frustrated with them, lol. But I love this design and again, your nails look amazing.
Have a lovely day!

Trina Morgan said...

Beautiful beautiful. Great post:)

Deriniti said...

Thanks ladies! @Danielle, you should, it's fun! Try Nailtique's Formula #2, it's great for strengthening & growing your nails! : )

Miss Happy said...

Lovely design and beautiful nails!

Deriniti said...

Thank You! : )