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Hey everyone! Summer has officially arrived and it's finally time to have some fun in the sun! So I am very excited to present you with a full review & swatches of Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish from! This nail polish changes from one shade to another, depending on whether you are inside or outside in the sun! I just love the concept and if you like doing nail art like me, the possibilites are endless with what you can do with these polishes! Very fun & they really work! And if you are wondering how these polishes are able to change color in the sunlight according to Del Sol's website "it's the magic of Del Sol's proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology. Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight. NASA invented it for their space program, and Del Sol enhanced it for everyone under the sun! It's not rocket science, but then again, maybe it is." And guess what else, they are the BIG 3 Free! Yey! I was a little worried that they weren't and on their website it just stated that they were toluene-free, but I have them now & it says right on the bottles that they are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene & Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)! They are $10 each at, and if that is too steep for some of you, just think it's not your ordinary polish, you are basically getting 2 colors for that price because it's one color indoors & then will change to another color when out in the sun! Also, at the time of this post they are having a Buy 3, Get 1 Free Deal (not sure how long that deal will last)! They have lots of pretty shades to choose from, plus they have added some new shades & revamped their bottles! They even have glitter polishes! The ones I will be reviewing for you today are: Knock Out, Purple Haze, Foxy, Girls Night Out, Superhero, & Electrick!

Foxy: First up is Foxy! When I received my Del Sol polishes I noticed that in the bottles, Foxy & Girls Night Out looked extremely similar & I knew both would turn purple when in the sun so I was concerned that these polishes would not be much different from one another but I was wrong. As soon as I applied them I realized how different they are. Girls Night Out is much darker than Foxy. Plus, they have different finishes, Foxy being more shimmery & Girls Night Out more creamy. Also, even though they both turn purple in the sun as you can see in the following swatches they are different shades of purple. When I applied Foxy indoors with one coat it was a sheer pink shade. This polish was rather thin so it took about 3 coats to make it opaque & then it was a very pretty, rose pink with a shimmer finish. In the sun it transforms to a deep purple shade.
Del Sol Foxy
Girls Night Out: It only took 2 coats to make this shade opaque! Inside it's a very rich, dark pink with a creamy finish & a very small hint of shimmer. In the sun it transforms to a rich plum purple. I really like this polish a lot!

Del Sol Girls Night Out
Knock Out: This is a cream polish & when indoors it is a very soft/pale nude. It's a great shade for a traditional french tip base. It applies very thin so I had to apply 4 coats but it's a pretty color and when you step outside it transforms to a gorgeous medium cream pink.

Del Sol Knock Out
Purple Haze: (3 coats) The name says it all, lol. Inside it's a beautiful pearlescent off white shade. Outside it transforms to a dark metallic purple. I love how extreme the contrast is from inside to outside. When I stepped outside into the sunlight it turn light to dark in a matter of seconds. Very cool! Also, this polish has a great metallic shine.

Del Sol Purple Haze
Superhero: The next two polishes I swatched are Superhero & Electrick. Indoors they both are pretty much identical colors. I had one on one hand & one on the other and couldn't see a difference. They both have a beautiful metallic sky blue tone. Outdoors Superhero turns into a beautiful metallic purple. It took about 3 coats to make opaque.

Del Sol Superhero
Electrick: Inside this polish is a cool metallic sky blue. In the sun it transforms to a pretty metallic sea green shade. It took 3 coats to make opaque.

Del Sol Electrick
Here's what the polishes look like in the bottles (indoors):

Del Sol Purple Haze, Knock Out, Foxy, Girls Night Out, Electrick & Superhero
As you all know, I love doing nail art so of course this review wouldn't be complete without a nail art design featuring some of these fun color changing polishes! I decided to keep things simple and since Superhero & Electrick had similar indoor shades I decided to have some fun with these. I alternated my nails between the two shades so that inside my nails all looked the same shade but when I stepped out in the sun, my nails transformed colors, alternating between green & purple for a more funky look! I applied a full nail stamping pattern that seemed to fit perfectly with both the polish names I used, Electrick & Superhero! I also applied a matte top coat to this design because the polishes are very metallic & I wanted to tone down the shine so that I could snap a better pic of my design. As you can see they were still pretty shiney & unfortunately with the design my camera didn't do a good job of picking up Electrick's sea green hue in the sunlight, but you can see that shade better in the swatch above! Hope you like! : )

BM-305 - Del Sol Superhero & Electrick, Mash Black Nail Art Polish
Overall: I will say I was pleasantly surprised by these polishes. I will admit, when I first heard about color changing nail polish I was a little skeptical. I was afraid they weren't going to work well in truly transforming shades from inside to outside, but they really do work! I was also afraid the colors weren't going to be intense or nice shades, but I was wrong. They are beautiful shades both inside & outside and you can definately notice the change! They also transform quickly, within a matter of seconds, depending upon how much sunlight. I had fun walking from inside to outside & just watching the colors transform before my eyes, lol. I am also happy to know that they are the Big 3 Free, that's important to me! These are really cool polishes & I am surprised that I haven't heard more about them, especially in the nail art world. I think these are great to do nail art designs with or to just spice up your regular mani. I can't wait to do more designs with these!!! They're very fun! You can find them at along with other cool products that change colors in the sunlight! : )

I put together a video of these swatches for my youtube channel! I also recorded one of the polishes I was wearing as I walked from inside to outside in the sunlight so that you can literally watch the color change before your eyes in real time & see how just how quickly & effectively it changes! So check out my video & please "like" it! And please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! Thanks! Hope you enjoyed my review! God Bless! : )

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Aaliyah said...

These nail polishes are so fun! I just got the shade day dreamer a couple months ago!

Deriniti said...

yes they are fun! day dreamer looks like a pretty shade! : )

Guy Polish (Jim) said...

Purple Haze is the first one I want. The change is so drastic. I love their polishes. Your swatches and nail art are excellent!

Deriniti said...

thank you so much! yes, i love how drastic the change is with Purple Haze, it's so extreme, i definately recommend! : )

Patty said...

Excellent review my love!!! Gorgeous polish and beautiful nails!!!

Deriniti said...

thanks patty! : )

Alissa Racioppi said...

I love these metallic colours they would look great mixed together for a fun mani there is something for everyone here

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