Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ombre Gradient Sponge Nail Art Design & Video Tutorial

Hey guys! I'm back! Hope all is well with you. I am so behind with my posts but hoping to get them all out soon! ...So ombre nails have become sooo popular that I decided to do a video tutorial showing how to do a simple ombre gradient using a makeup sponge & 2 polish colors. I first painted my nails white & let dry, but that's an optional step. I just think the colors show up better over a white base but you can experiment with different base colors or just apply a clear base. I then sponged on my gradient using two polish colors, teal & pink. You can experiment with different color combinations of your choice or choose a light & dark shade in the same color family to create a nice gradient effect. You can also choose more than 2 colors if you'd like, there's tons of possibilities! There are also several techniques for producing ombre nails, I will be posting another ombre tutorial soon where I will only be sponging one polish color to produce a gradient, perhaps that will be easier for beginners...To finish out this gradient look I applied a clear glitter polish over it but that is an optional step. I think it just adds a nice sparkle and smooths the look out. Sponge gradient doesn't always come out so smooth, but if you apply a clear glitter polish & clear top coat or apply a couple coats of just clear top coat that will usually smooth out the look. I hope you find this helpful, I'm new to making video tutorials so bear with me, lol. And don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!
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Lovely nails! I love it!

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Thank you! : )

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LOVE pink and teal together!! So pretty!!