Sunday, February 17, 2013

2012 Red Angel Nail Plates Review

Hey guys! I purchased Red Angel's 2012 nail stamping plate collection and this is my review for it! I was very excited to see all the great designs they had & even more excited by their inexpensive price so I just had to get them! My first attempts at using Red Angel nail plates did not come out so well. First let me start by saying they have some really beautiful full nail designs! The set is available on Amazon, I purchased for $16.98 (price may differ now) which I think is a good deal because it includes 21 plates with 5 to 7 designs on each plate. And they are not dupes of Konad or Bundle Monster. Red Angel plates consist of their own original designs. Unfortunately, there are some cons, I guess that comes with the inexpensive territory. The plate edges are kind of sharp so be careful not to cut yourself. My bigger issue with the plates is that the images/patterns are etched too deeply into the plate, which causes the image to smear when you stamp it on to the nail. Now keep in mind that I have not tested every single design so I'm hoping this isn't an issue with all of them, but with the designs I have tested I had the same issue. When I was cleaning them with a cotton ball I could feel how deeply they were etched that it even caused the little cotton ball fuzzies to get caught in the grooves. Perhaps I have a defective batch because they seem to have alot of good reviews on Amazon, though I have noticed there are some people who have the same complaints as me. Now I did find somewhat of a solution to the issue. Normally when stamping, you apply polish to the plate, scrape the access polish off, stamp the plate & QUICKLY stamp your nail before the special polish dries. Well, when you have deeply etched plates it transfers more polish on to the stamp so it takes a little longer for the polish to dry because it's a thicker layer. So after you stamp your plate you should wait about 15 seconds or so before stamping the design on to your nail, because if the polish is too wet when you stamp it on to your nail then it will smear. That has seemed to work for the most part.
Overall, this is a mixed review because while I am satisfied with the unique designs they offer & the inexpensive price, I am disappointed with the quality. They have recently come out with a 2013 set so hopefully they have made some improvements. Below is a design I did with Red Angel plate RA-114 along with a pic of the image plates. What do you think about Red Angel?

Red Angel Plates - Image obtained from

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