Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review and Swatches

Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing for you Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. Now this is my first time trying gel polish. I have always stayed away from gel polish because I tend to change my nails a lot and can't deal with the long removal process. I am also not fond of having to cure gel under special lights and all that, lol. So with that being said, I am really excited about Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! It is just a two step process that requires no light! You just apply 2 thin coats of miracle gel color and then 1 coat of the special Miracle Gel Top Coat and then let natural light do the rest! It dries quickly, has a beautiful shine and is easily removed with nail polish remover. Another great thing about this collection is that these polishes do not require a base coat! According to Sally Hansen, it also gives up to 14 days of color & shine but I didn't wear for that long because like I said earlier, I am always changing up my nails, lol.

Here's how Sally Hansen describes this new collection: Miracle Gel™ is the first-ever part-lacquer, part-gel manicure system that delivers up to 14 days of color and shine in just 2 easy steps. Miracle Gel™ delivers the high shine, glossy look of a salon-quality gel manicure with no UV/LED lamp or base coat needed!

Want to know how it works? According to Sally Hansen, "The Miracle Gel™ Color and Top Coat work together as a system to create a durable manicure with high gloss shine. Formula ingredients are key. The advanced Color and Top Coat formulas both contain an oligomer; the Top Coat also includes a photoinitiator. The photoinitiator activates a bond between the Color and Top Coat, thus curing the formula in natural light without the need of an LED/UV lamp. The formula continues to cure over time, increasing durability of the manicure."

How to remove? According to Sally Hansen, "Miracle Gel™ removes easily and quickly with either acetone-based or acetone-free nail polish remover- no soaking, wrapping, scraping or filing necessary." I was able to remove easily with regular nail polish remover : )

I have 2 swatches to share with you today and I really enjoy both of them. The shades are beautiful and the 1 stroke brush made for easy & even application.

Pink Cadillacquer - (2 coats) I absolutely love this shade! It's such a perfect cream pink & I love the name too, lol! : )

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pink Cadillacquer

Combustealable - (2 coats) This is a pretty metallic teal shade.

Sally Hansen Combustealble

This collection has over 45 beautiful shades available! You can find them at select drugstores nationwide. Check out www.sallyhansen.com for more information. Have you tried this product yet! What do you think!? : )


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