Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bundle Monster Animal Print Nail Art Stamping Design

Hey everyone & Welcome to all my new followers! So Bundle Monster is coming out with another brand new set of plates, this will be their 3rd set, yey! Very exciting! They are having a nail art contest on their facebook page & the winners will receive the new plate set so of course I had to enter! Voting is open to the public, which unfortunately means it will most likely become more of a popularity contest (in my experience that's what tends to happen & I'm not very popular, lol. I'd rather the company choose the winners but I can't really complain cause they are nice enough to hold this contest so I'm happy to be a part of it). There will be several winners so for those of you who have entered aswell, good luck, hopefully we will all be winners! : )

BM221 & BM223 - NYC French White Tip, Orly Luxe,
Kiss Nail Art Paint in Silver Glitter, Konad Black Special

Update: I was won of the winners! Yey! Here is a video tutorial for this design! : )

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Paulina said...

Love it!

Hema said...

Gorgeous. Love it.
I voted for you :-)

Kelly said...

Your nails look amazing!!! I am so bad at stamping, I've only really tried 2 times but got so frustrated. I'm so jealous!!!
Thank you for following my blog & joining in on the blog hop!! I love nail art, designs, polish, etc. I am going to vote for you right now. I hope you win!!


Lou xx said...

WOW!! Love this! Leopard print is my fav animal print too. Stunning nails too xxx

xo, Jersey Girl said...

Love the animal print!!

xo, Jersey Girl said...

love the animal print!! Loving your site!! New folow from the blog hop!! Showing you some love across the social networks <3

xo, Jersey Girl


Deriniti said...

Yey, thanks for voting kelly & hema! And thank you all for your wonderful comments, so glad you like! @kelly, keep trying, you will get the hang of it!!! : )

Manases Andrea said...

Super design, I voted for you! Good luck for the contest!

All the little things said...

Lovely Nails!!


Anonymous said...

You do fabulous work! Love the blog :-)

BeautyBoxBlog said...

Hey! Saw you on Jersey Girl's blog...love the nails. I think I am obsessed with nail design now.


Deriniti said...


TheAmazingWorldOfJ said...

this looks so sexy and wild ;) grrrr

Tammy Favata said...

OOOh I likey! Found you on the Beauty obsessed blog hop:) http://tammyfavata-hairstylist.com

chichicho chichicho said...

lovely lovely design!!!!!!!!!
great stamping