Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Hey guys! I know I'm a little behind, that's cause I broke a couple nails so I had to cut them down really short so I haven't been doing any designs lately. They finally grew out a little so I did a belated Valentine's Day Konadicure along with a tutorial. This is my very first video tutorial so I really hope you like!!! I am planning to do more video tutorials so please subscribe to my new youtube channel (www.youtube.com/deriniti)! Thank you!!! : )

M56, M59, M72, M73, M83 - Konad White Special,
Base Coat: NYC Fuschia Shock Creme
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nicinoo said...

I loooove this, can't wait to see more Nic :)

nicinoo said...

I loooove it, can't wait to do this myself :) can't wait for more videos :)

*Kati said...
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Prettyfulz said...

This is soo cute!!! I love the tutorial too! I subscribed to your channel on youtube =) As soon as I played it I started dancing too haha

Deriniti said...

lol, glad u liked! thanks so much for subscribing!!! : )

Kelly's Nail Blog said...

Love this valentine day mani... amazing! I also love the NY Giants mani too. All your manis are total amazing.

I am glad to have found your blog. I look forward to more great one to come. Thanks for sharing.

Deriniti said...

Thank you! : )