Thursday, November 4, 2010


  Hey everyone! Have you heard of Barry M. Instant Nail Effects Polish? It's new, from Barry M. Cosmetics. The company is based out of the UK so I'm not sure where or even if it's available anywhere else. I purchased mine off of ebay, straight from the UK. You can also get it from the Barry M. Cosmetics website. How it works is you apply any base color you like, let your nails dry, then apply the Instant Nail Effects polish & watch your unique design appear before your eyes! When you first apply the polish, it comes on like black polish, but then it quickly begins to break up & crack, creating a unique effect. I think it's pretty cool! And it's great for a day when you wanna quickly dress up your nails but don't have the time to manually do a design of your own!
  When using, you only apply one coat & do not overlap. Also, the size of the cracks depend alot on how thick you apply your coat. If you apply a thick coat, there won't be as many cracks & the cracks will be larger & chunkier. If you apply a thin coat, the cracks will be smaller. This was my first time trying out the polish & I wasn't very consistant with how thick I applied the coats. You can see the difference in the nails & how some of them have kind of a blocky effect & others have more of a cracked effect. I took some pics as I was doing my nails to capture the experience!
BSN Matte Sky & Purps Pop w/Barry M. Instant Nail Effects
My Overall Review: I think this product is actually pretty cool! It lives up to it's name in that it does exactly what it says it does = Instant Nail Effects! I like how you can watch the cracking effect take place right before your eyes & you don't have to wait long either, the process is rather quick! It gives off a nice matte black finish & dried quickly. I had no problem applying a top coat & I didn't experience any smudging or smearing. I even received a few compliments, one lady even asked where I got my nails done! I love when that happens, lol. Little do they know, this design required no more effort than applying a coat of polish!!! I'm excited to experiment with this product some more & will definately post my creations for you all to see! I really hope this product becomes available in the US though, because the UK conversion rate along with the international shipping costs make this product a little too steep for me, it cost me $13.78 for a 10ml bottle. A little more than I'd like to spend on polish, even if it does have effects, sorry, but I'm on a budget, lol.


HotSpotNails said...

is this like the same as the "crackpolish" every1 is hollerin' about...????

Deriniti said...

it's pretty similar to that. there's a few different brands of "crack polish" out there & the results vary between brands but i think the difference with this & crackpolish is that this gives more of a blocky chunky effect, depending on how thick the coat application is will determine how big or little the chunks are but crackpolish gives your nails more of the traditional "cracked" look. hope i make sense, it's kinda hard to describe, lol. i plan to do a post with crack polish soon & then i can put the pics up to compare. btw, thanx for joining! : )

rock-or-not said...

I've already heard about that! That's wonderful!!

Oje Delisi : ) said...

I love it! :)

I'm your new followers.

Deriniti said...

thanx so much! : )