Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hot Half & Half Nails with Spring Flowers, Holographic Highlights and BPS Rhinestones Review, Nail Design & Video Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you a fun and easy nail art design I did. I am also doing a quick review of these new rhinestones I got from Born Pretty Store that I used on the silver nails of my design. When I saw these on the BPS website I was eager to try them as they are quite different than your standard rhinestone. They came in a small rhinestone wheel that consisted of 200 dark round & heart shaped rhinestones and white leaf shaped rhinestones. They are described as "black" and "white" but the "black" ones are not really black. They are a very dark shade that is hard to describe because they have a beautiful iridescent finish that reflects different colors. I noticed that they seem to vary a little in their shades. Some appear more of a deep purple or pink, while others appear more bluish or yellowish. The white ones have a pretty iridescent pearl like finish. I really enjoyed these rhinestones. They are very pretty, unique, good quality and easy to apply. The only downside is that the white ones only came in leaf shapes and I really wish this wheel came with white round & heart shaped rhinestones aswell. I noticed that they are available to get on the BPS website, but it just would have been convenient to have them all this wheel! Luckily BPS is super cheap and offer free shipping so it's not a big deal! I included direct product links to the rhinestones I used in this design below. I also included a video nail art tutorial so you can see how I achieved this look! Check it out, I hope you like! And please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't already! : )

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200 PC Black & White Rhinestones:

Colorful Rhinestone Wheel:

Cheeky CH26 - Fresh Paint Passion Fruit, Wet N Wild Black Creme, Color Club Harp On It
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thechichicho nails said...

love the holo effect

Manases Andrea said...

Great polish combination. The holographic one is mesmerizing. Love the final result!

Deriniti said...

thank you! : )