Thursday, August 7, 2014

Winstonia XL Squishy Firm Stamper Review

Hey guys! So today I have a quick review for you of Winstonia's XL Stamper. This is a dual ended stamper, with one large semi soft stamping head and a small hard rubber stamping head & large scraper. This stamper looks just like a stamper I had purchased from ebay known as an XL Squishy Stamper, but is actually different. The stamper I got from ebay is extremely soft (known as the "marshmallow" stamper in the stamping universe) and has a very sticky texture. Winstonia's stamper is not sticky & nor is it super soft, though it is not hard either (like Konad stampers), it is in between: "squishy firm". This was my first time using a squishy firm stamper and I liked it. When I first received the stamper I primed it by lightly filing the surface with a nail file to help images adhere to it better. I do this with all stampers I get. It picked up the images effortlessly and stamped on to my nails with no problems. I have long curved nails so I prefer large stampers that are on the softer side, especially when it comes to stamping full nail patterns. I like when a stamper can basically "hug" my nails & although this stamper was not marshmallow soft, it was soft enough to conform to my nails so that I was able to stamp full nail patterns on my nails in one shot. Since it is squishy firm, it's not as easy to stretch images as it is with the marshmallow stamper but that's not really a big deal, especially if you have shorter nails. Another great thing about this stamper is that when I used it the white stamper head stayed attached to the base, whereas I have had issues with my marshmallow stamper falling out of the base & it was really annoying and I know others have had that same problem. This one stayed intact while using it which was great. It was also easy to clean, you can wipe with polish remover or use a piece of tape to clean it. Overall, I am pleased with this stamper & can see myself using it a lot! You can find this stamper at They also sell stamping plates & more! You can see me in action using this very stamper in the video tutorial below! Have you guys tried this yet? What's your favorite stamper?

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