Friday, June 6, 2014

Easy Layered Stamping for Beginners Spring Nail Art Design

   Hey guys! Today my post is a little different than usual because the nails below are not mine, they are my friend's nails! She recently asked me if I could teach her to do nails so she came over the other day & I introduced her to nail stamping! I think nail stamping is a great, fun & easy technique for those who are just getting into nail art. She absolutely loved it! It took only a few tries for her to get the hang of it & she was a pro! After a little practice we went for a full mani & this is the design we came up with! She did most of it herself & did a fabulous job!!! She loved them & even text me the next day saying how she can't stop looking at her nails! I'm sure all you fellow nail artists can relate to that, I know I can! I'm so proud, lol.
   For those starting out with nail stamping just remember that practice makes perfect! I have seen people struggle sometimes when they are first learning, but don't give up! Keep practicing & you will eventually get the hang of it. And if for whatever reason you just can't get it don't be afraid to try something different. It's also about trial and error when it comes to stamping such as the polish or plate you are using, or the direction you scrape, or the stamper you are using! When I first started out I had a hard time & would get frustrated, but I got better over time. And it got even easier when I got an XL Squishy Stamper because when I first got into stamping the squishy stampers weren't around. I had been using the Konad double ended stamper which I like & still use sometimes, but the squishy stamper is much easier to use on my long nails, especially when stamping full nail patterns. I am amazed how much has changed from when I first began stamping, the only plates around were Konad & those plates were not cheap either, smh. Now stamping has really blown up & there are so many new companies producing stamping plates, polishes, & even stampers! It's very exciting! Can't wait to see what's next! And I'm so happy to introduce my friend to this new world & look forward to seeing her nail art creations! If you are new to stamping, check out my tips page for more info! And don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for daily nail art tutorials! :-)

BM-316 & M50 - Fresh Paint Passion Fruit, Color Club Harp On It, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, Konad Black Special Polish