Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey everyone! I hope all is well! Today I wanted to share with you a great way to fix a cracked/split nail. All you need is a tea bag & some nail glue! If you don't have nail glue you can use a clear base coat, though I think you get better, longer lasting results with nail glue. I like my nails on the longer side, but experience occasional splits on the side of my nail, usually right where the distal edge begins. I really hate when that happens because the split is so deep down that I either can't cut the nail at that point cause its too low & if I can cut it I don't want to cause then I'm left with a stub, which is not very pretty! So I like to try to save the nail, at least until it grows out to a decent length. I have tried different methods to fix a split nail & this is my personal favorite. I use this method before applying my nail polish or nail art design & the nail usually stays intact until I remove my mani (about a week). I like to repair the nail fresh before each new mani. So when when I remove my manicure, I will also remove the tea bag piece & nail glue from the broken nail with acetone nail polish remover, then I will repair it with a fresh tea bag piece & glue and then do my new mani. I prepared this video tutorial to show you how I personally repair my cracked/split nails. In this video, BOTH of my thumb nails were split! I repaired both of my nails using this technique & they both stayed intact until I removed my mani which was about a week & a half later! I hope you find this helpful! Please "Like" & Subcribe to my youtube channel! Thanks!

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