Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Sally Hansen Sugar Coats Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! Since textured polish seems to be all the rage lately, I decided to review some Sally Hansen Sugar Coats for you today! These polishes apply like regular polish but leave you with a textured sandy like finish. According to Sally Hansen, these polishes are "Candy for your nails!" They are a special effect nail polish that leave you with a sugary 3D effect. I actually liked them more than I thought I would. I was afraid they would just look like I applied old clumpy thick nail polish, lol, but they're not like that at all. I have two to show you today, one matte and one shimmer, so that you can see the difference in finishes.

First up is Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple: This is a minty green cream shade with a textured matte finish. It took 2 coats to make opaque. It's a lovely shade & the textured effect does not go unnoticed.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Royal Icing: This is a sheer sky blue shade with a very shimmery textured finish. I love the pearlescent sparkle that this polish radiates & the textured effect adds another dimension to it's glittery appearance. The downside is it takes over 4 coats to make opaque. I suggest layering this shade over a colored base for a gorgeous effect. In my swatches I used a matching sky blue polish first over my index, middle & ring nails & then applied 2 coats of Royal Icing over it. For my pinky nail I only applied Royal Icing, 4 coats, so you can see the difference. I prefer how it looks over a polished base and I actually like that it's sheer because I can use it as a shimmery textured "topcoat" to layer over other polishes, it's pretty cool!

Overall I am pleased with these polishes! They are easy to apply, dry quickly and give off a beautiful texture. They come from a trusted brand, Sally Hansen, and you can usually find them at drugstores such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and more. I will warn you, they are a little difficult to remove, kind of like glitter polish. I usually prefer to remove my nail polish with non acetone polish remover but for these polishes I had to use acetone polish remover. To find more information about Sally Hansen products, check out www.sallyhansen.com or check out their facebook page: http://facebook.com/sallyhansen. What do you think about textured polishes? And which is your favorite?



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Anonymous said...

I love the look of these. I really fancy the white one

Deriniti said...

thank you!

Sveta Sanders said...

You have a great blog, follow you, I hope for reciprocity)

LetsEatCake said...

Just found your blog and I love it. Following you now on bloglovin as well. You have a lovely background and your overall layout and colors are very appealing.

As for the Sugar Coat polishes. I freaking love them! I have all 18 and hope they come out with some fall colors soon. I love stamping over them and doing some taped manis with a pretty creme polish underneath and doing a gradient with the sugar coats. So many fun things to do with them. And they are easier to remove than Zoya's Pixie Dust and OPI Liquid Sands. But I am a massive Zoya fan.

Deriniti said...

aww thank you! so happy you like! do you have a blog, i would love to see your designs! : )