Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pink and Black Tiger Print Nail Art Stamping Design - Konad M69 Nail Art, Pink Tiger Nails

This is an easy design to do with Konad plate M69. I love this pattern, I think it's very cute & fun! (I chipped my middle finger nail so please excuse the funky shape of it, lol, I hate when that happens but couldn't bring myself to cut it shorter to even it out, lol.)

M69 - Sinful Colors Cream Pink & Konad Special Black Polish


rock-or-not said...

Great design!!
I love this color ^^

Maki said...

Raaaawwww ;) It looks great!

Peredita said...

That is adorable and it looks great :D

Deriniti said...

Thank you!!! : )