Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink and Silver Sponge Gradient Animal Print Konad Nail Art Stamping Design - Fun Nail Art, Gradient Nails, Pink and Silver Nails, Zebra Leopard Gradient Nail Art

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I did a post, been a little busy, hope all is well with everyone. For this design I did a gradient effect by first patting on a white polish base with an eyeshadow sponge applicator. (The sponge applicator really helps to create a nice gradient effect; it's an easy way to fade colors into one another to create an almost airbrushed look. A makeup sponge could also be used.) I then patted on silver polish diagonally across the nail with the sponge & then patted on pink polish diagonally, going the opposite direction as the silver so that the silver & pink criss-cross each other right at the center of the nail. (It's ok if some of the white base shows, it adds to the effect.) Then I took a very light glittery silver shade & patted a very small amount right in the center of the nail where the silver & pink polishes meet to create a more blended & highlighted effect. Then I painted on a clear glitter polish, I find this to be an important step when trying to create a gradient effect, it seems to make everything look more blended. Then I konaded on my animal print design, painted on a clear top coat & there you have it! Done! Hope you like! : )

M78 - Wn'W French White Creme, Wn'W Metallica, LoveMyNails Rosebud, Sinful Colors Out of This World, Wn'W Hallucinate, Konad Black Special


rock-or-not said...

This is awesome!!
I love this mani!

mrsrexy said...

Very cool and very pretty! The two colours compliment one another well.

Deriniti said...

Thank you! : )