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Birthday Bling Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial and BPS Series Stamping Collection 01-10 Review

Hey guys! This is just a quick post to share with you my birthday manicure! I wanted something glittery & fun and this is what I came up with! I entered this mani in a nail art contest where the theme was "Bling in the Glitz and Glam" and I won first place! So excited because it has been awhile since I have entered any nail art contests! Not sure what I won yet, it's a surprise! How exciting! : ) The stamping plate I used is from Born Pretty Store 's first series of new stamping plates (Born Pretty 01-10). I got this series when it first came out. Some of the full nail images from this collection were too small for my long nails BUT I have noticed that Born Pretty Store has made improvements to this collection and made the images larger now. The old plates with the smaller images say "Born Pretty" followed by the plate number, the new ones say "BP" and then the plate number. I think it's great that they improved the plates because they h

Striking Glitz n Glam Gold Studded Nail Art Design Tutorial featuring New Nail Stamping Technique

Hey guys! This is a quick post to share with you this nail art design I did. My birthday is this month & I always love doing really glitzy, blinged out designs for my birthday! Now this mani is not my official birthday mani, but why not celebrate the whole month with some glitter & sparkle! And it just so happened that there's a nail art contest this month in a nail group that I'm in and the theme is "Bling in the New Year"! Perfect timing because I'm planning to be blinged out all month, lol. I tried a new stamping technique for this design and included a video tutorial so you can see how I achieved this look! I did not invent the technique and I'm not sure who came up with it but I believe I personally first saw this technique done in a youtube tutorial from "NailStamp4Fun". It's a really cool & easy technique! It's a similar concept to making nail decals, except I find this method to be much quicker. I hope you like the design

Easy Stained Glass Gradient Nail Art Design, Video Tutorial and Born Store Nail Art Studs Review

Hey guys! Today is quick post to share with you this design I did. For the middle, ring & thumb nails I did an easy sponge gradient and stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-208 to give it a stained glass effect. For the solid nails I used a tear drop nail art stud from a nail art stud wheel I got from Born Pretty Store . The wheel includes a variety of shapes including hearts, stars, leaf shaped, tear drops, textured squares, and textured circles in both silver and gold. These studs are easy to apply & the variety of shapes is so convenient for doing different nail art designs. I chose the teardrop stud for this design because I thought it looked nice with the design and also because I have never used teardrop studs on any of my designs before so I wanted to switch it up a little, lol. I also added a glow in the dark top coat, but couldn't capture it in pics. Hope you like! I included a video tutorial below so you can see how I achieved this look! Check it out! : ) P.S.

New Years Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial and Born Pretty Store Nail Stamping Plates Review

Hey guys! Happy New Year! A few days ago I posted a design I did for New Years, you can click here to see that design or check out the video tutorial below! After a few days I decided to makeover that mani and this is the final result! I think I like this mani better than the original, but that's probably because I love the color pink, lol. For this design I used Born Pretty Store nail art studs and stamping plate. The stamping plate comes from their new collection of stamping plates. I have always liked Born Pretty Store's stamping plates, especially their octagon plates so I was excited to see they were coming out with new collections. This is the first plate I have tried from the new line and it stamps beautifully. Another great thing about these plates is they are very inexpensive and BPS offers free shipping worldwide! I will be testing out some more of their plates soon so stay tuned! Check out the video tutorial below to see me in action using these plates & to le