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Black and White Animal Print Fashion Inspired Nail Art Design and Video Tutorial

Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you this black & white themed nail art design I did, inspired by the dress in the picture. I used Konad stamping plates for the animal print but you could pretty much use any brand animal print stamping plates to achieve this look or you can hand paint it! I did a video tutorial along with this so please check it out and subscribe to my youtube channel! Thanks for stopping by! God Bless! : ) M57 & M78 - Wet N'Wild French White Creme & Black Creme,  Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black & Silver Glitter, Konad Black Special Polish Please "LIKE" & Subscribe! XOXO, Deriniti 

Spring Summer Konadicure

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! Spring is in the air & Summer is right around the corner, yey! I wanted to capture that with beautiful bright colors & blooming flowers! First I applied a light teal polish to my nails, followed by some swipes of lavender polish. Then I stamped on a Spring/Summer appropriate pattern followed by some pretty white flowers to complete the look! I just love this color combo, so bright & summery! I hope you like! : ) M53 & M83 - China Glaze For Audrey, Zoya Perrie, Konad Black Special & Konad White Special (broke my pinky nail, waaah!)  Enjoy the rest of your week, God Bless! : ) Deriniti

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Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you this hand painted french tip design I did using Kiss Nail Art Paint & my dotting tool. I hope you like! God Bless! : ) Sinful Colors Pink Forever, Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black, White & Silver Glitter XOXO, Deriniti

Mother's Day Mani - Purple and Gold Nails with Rose Pattern

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! This is a design I did using Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-306 and some nail art paint!  I first painted my nails with purple polish, then painted on gold polish in a side swipe motion, starting at the base of my nails (I hope that makes sense, lol) I stamped a rose pattern over the purple and finished off with a couple swipes of black nail art paint to divide the gold and purple polishes. I think the touches of gold & black make this a nice elegant look & with the combination of the roses I think this mani is a nice look for Mother's Day! I hope you agree! And I hope everyone has a safe, happy & healthy Mother's Day! God Bless! And I want to give a special Mother's Day shout out to my mom, Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love you! XOXO! : ) BM-306 - Zoya Perrie, Orly Luxe, Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black, Konad White Special Polish P.S. Please don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel! New nail art tutorials add

Born Pretty Store Nail Stamping Image Plates Review, Nail Art Design & Video Tutorial

Hey guys! I hope all is well! I got some nail stamping image plates from Born Pretty Store to review for you today. They are the octagon QA series plates. I got QA3, QA37, QA11, and QA39. I posted a picture below to show you what they all look like. I will be doing a seperate review & nail art design for plate QA39. I used plates QA3, QA37, & QA11 for the nail art design below & also featured a video nail art stamping tutorial along with it so you can see how to achieve this look and also so you can see me in action using these plates. I will say I am very pleased with these plates. They have cute, original designs and they are etched properly so that stamping with them is a breeze. And their full nail design patterns were large enough to fit my entire nail, which are a little on the longer side. They are also inexpensive, ranging between $1.99 & $2.99 each and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, which is ALWAYS a plus! With the weather finally getting warm here in NY, I wanted